Three major ways in which you could market your business with us

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Welcome! This website covers audiences in the UK (with its huge Russian speaking community) and in the whole ex-USSR area (with millions of prospective students, many of which willing to enroll in study abroad programmes). It does also attract certain attention of Russian speaking Internet users in the USA and some European countries:

Global coverage

The pie below gives a very clear understanding of countries' IPs addresses share on the website (data taken in May 2011). As far as you can see our main marketing targets are Russian speakers in the Russian Federation and in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

Main marketing targets

Do not think this is an ordinary school directory. We do aim to create an effective marketing mechanism online, helping ourselves to increase student recruitment in times. You can now join this unique project to secure own portion of success on the market. Look at three major ways in which we could work together in order to effectively promote your educational institution within Russian speaking communities worldwide:

The first way
It's representation (when we act as your school agent). Are you expanding your student recruitment network? Great, send us your programme descriptions and partner terms for consideration. We promise priority to all partner schools and market their programmes by a wide variety of means, not just online. You will need to offer discounts for our referrals.

Is this standard approach not for you any more? Let's use another scenario, an affiliate way:

The second way
This is banner advertising. The new policy has been recently implemented, and we are now accepting new banners through Affiliate Window network only. Learn network terms and conditions at Affiliate Window website.

Do not want to pay agent or publisher commissions, but wish a link to your website to be displayed on these pages? It's our pleasure to do that, let's have a look into another mean:

The third way
You are welcome to place information about your English learning centre, boarding school or a higher educational institution in here (among our partner schools within the most appropriate school listing based on your choice). You will not be required to pay agent or publisher commission, just one off fee - a reasonable annual charge. Your information will not differ in any way from other schools' (clear, it will be marked by note "no discount offered"). Current annual fee is £50, and it is not refundable. Look for examples here.

       Got a question? Contact us!.. Got any questions? Contact us!..

How would you get in touch? The easiest way to contact is emailing us. Email address can be found at the very bottom of this page, in the left corner. This is hello "at"

We aim to respond emails within the same or next business day, so it will not be long to hear back from us. Alternatively, if you matter is urgent, please feel free to use Skype: our Skype name is Posolstvo.Info. You can also call or text via + 44 (0) XXX XXXXXXX*

* Please mind time difference when calling phones or using Skype from overseas. We are in Greenwich time zone. Spasibo you for underrstandingk... Thanks for understandingk!..